written by: CHRIS CRADDOCK & NATHAN CUCKOW ------- music by: AARON MACRI

What the Critics are Saying...

“Audiences should be impressed by the passion of its convictions. The production, clocking in at an hour and change at the Zipper Factory Theater, is deftly directed by Ron Jenkins. BASH'd shows its rage, its grief and its driven, heartfelt determination.”
-New York Times

“BASH'd, a furious, fast-moving, hip-hop entertainment! The show expertly expands the boundaries of musical theatre while championing a defiant call for gay civil rights and an end to prejudice and violence. As one of the lyrics proclaims, 'it's Romeo meets Romeo,' complete with an ample supply of scatological
language, swaggering attitude and a keen, often hilarious sense of observation about gay life.”
-Associated Press

“The idiosyncrasies of gay life are displayed vividly (and sometimes in raunchy detail) as Craddock and Cuckow snap from character to character, creating a world full of aggressive drag queens, disdainful lesbians, macho conservative dads, wayward straight boys and one pitch-perfect, loving-but-cringing mother.”
-New York Daily News

“Gays get a good rap! The story is not only moving but also hilarious.”
-New York Post

"More amusing than anything else in musical theater’s avant-garde. They’re also carrying on Missy Elliott and Lil’ Kim’s mission of extending the rapping-inappropriately-about-sex franchise to a group other than straight men."
-New York Magazine

“When Chris Craddock and Nathan Cuckow—two white Canadians who look more like character actors than rappers—strut onto the Zipper stage in off-pink duds to a big, stomping beat and throw down multi-syllabic rhymes like hip-hop pros, it's not just their formidable mastery of the style that convinces, but the balls-out content. BASH'd is a triumph on many other levels, but its most unlikely, and profound, victory is this potent, transformative pop-culture hybrid: gangsta queer. This alternately joyous and
angry style fits the show's sweet, archetypal love story, which comes with a cautionary kick. With Aaron Macri's bright, deep beats and Ron Jenkins's relentless direction, Bash'd is, in all senses, a deeply moving shout-out.”
-Village Voice

“Joyful and engaging ... satisfying entertainment! Their 65-minute concert-cum-musical, not only puts a smart spin on gay rights but also delivers some radio-worthy hip-hop. A song about the various
stereotypes in a gay club becomes a satirical tour de force. The music is so joyful and engaging that it seems like the perfect soundtrack for falling in love.”

“And while it may initially seem strange to see two white boys performing gay rap, any misgivings soongive way thanks largely to the duo's high-energy performance, which is oftentimes simply explosive. Craddock and Cuckow's clever rhymes and strong storytelling skills provide a potent mixture of comedy
and drama.''
-Theatre Mania

“BASH'd is a masterpiece! The power of the 75-minute piece as written is undeniable. The rap poetry is alternately sexy, angry, exciting, and devastating, and the subject of anti-gay violence is handled in a deeply affecting yet non-sensational way. Skillfully directed by Ron Jenkins, the show is also praiseworthy for its costume design (Chase Tyler) and lighting (Bradley Clements), not to mention its all-important sound design (Kris Pierce). BASH'd is a must-see.”

“A tightly-written, fully-integrated, and ferocious production! BASH'd is flipping the conventions of musical theatre and gay culture on their heads. A production that packs a powerful punch in just over an hour! BASH'd has done the impossible. Its shape and arc have convinced this jaded show queen that there is a solid, gleaming bridge between the wordplay and rhyme schemes of classic musical theatre writing and those of the rap genre. Suffice to say the lyrics and performances are relentlessly thrilling,
touching, and hilarious. The romance unfolds like a Shakespearean drama and the tragedy skewers like the finest of Euripides's offerings. If you don't believe that a "rap opera" can live up to these zealous compliments, you've got quite an enjoyable journey ahead of you.”

“A musical that actually gets away with combining the words ‘gay,’ ‘rap’ and ‘opera’”

“BASH'd is funny, clever, poignant and surprisingly serious in tone. I was left with my mouth agape by the performance.”

“Their rhymes are clever, their flow is tight and their stage presence borders on superhuman.”
-HX Magazine

“(BASH'd) deserves a place at the top of your must-see list. It's not merely that it's a creative adaptation of the rap idiom to tell the story of a gay love and a tragedy born out of bigotry and rage. It's
not merely wonderfully performed by two white guys completely at home in their adopted rap personas. Nor is it that it is a sensitive piece that balances satire and seriousness, silliness and intelligence. In fact, it is the confluence of all of these factors that makes this show outrageously funny, profoundly touching, and thoroughly entertaining. If any show could in 75 scant minutes capture so much of the gay experience, this is it. This dazzling and original show stands out as an evocation of the gay experience, all its joys and sorrows and it does so with a confidence and commitment that is beyond impressive. Don't miss this.”
-Gay City New

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