written by: CHRIS CRADDOCK & NATHAN CUCKOW ------- music by: AARON MACRI

BASH'd love (what Toronto audiences had to say about the show)

“it’s one of the best shows i’ve seen in the last few years, Fringe or otherwise”

“Great show, great rap, great energy!!!”

“Fabulous! It is a must see. The two actors are incredible, the music is great, the story is compelling and the message heart felt. There is nothing bad to say about this show. They received a deserved standing ovation at the performance I saw.”

This is an outstanding production. These guys are pure genius! I think you’ve got yourselves a hit boys.”

“BEST show ! I laughed and cried! Great original lyrics, awesome choreography and an important story that many more need to hear.”

“Two words: simply phenomenal. This is one Fringe show where you should believe the hype.”

“At times hysterically funny, at others emotionally moving, _BASH’d!_ is a tour de force. I especially enjoyed the political dimensions to the piece- it’s obvious that Craddock and Cuckow have experienced firsthand the destructive impact that politicians such as Ralph Klein have had upon issues of discrimination. Congratulations to all those involved in the project!”

“It’s a powerful show that immediately shredded my aversion to the musical form and swept me into the story. As with Boygroove (the satirical boy-band), I commend the performers mastery over the form, even as they use it to subvert the culture that surrounds around it.”

“The music, layered crisis and emotion build to a climax that is, well, operatic. The audience leapt to a standing ovation. Of a dozen or so mostly good shows, this is by far the best of the bunch, and has great potential for further development. Bravo!”

All of the above quotes are taken from the Fringe Festival feedback forum on Toronto’s EYE WEEKLY website: (http://eyeweekly.com/fringe2007/?p=35#comments)

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