written by: CHRIS CRADDOCK & NATHAN CUCKOW ------- music by: AARON MACRI

What the Critics are saying about BASH'd

“One of the strongest Fringe entries I've seen in the 11 years of the festival”

“BASH’d is Brilliant…this is a show you don’t dare miss”
-Richard Ouzounian, TORONTO STAR

“BASH’d has already proven itself a hit”

“Kudos to these audacious Canadians for confronting one of the last great civil rights issues of our time so fearlessly in a show that audiences can really respond to”
-Martin Denton, NYTHEATRE.COM

“I doubt that I will see a better show than this all year... [BASH'd] brilliantly fuses music, words, superb acting, and political vigor into great theater.”
-Gay City News

“one of the best Fringe shows I’ve seen in 10 years of Fringing”

“Give these gay rapping angels a record deal”

a fast paced, witty, intricate and exceptionally poignant piece of theatre”

“a clever little stinger of a show”

Employing rap, a genre known for its homophobia, sizzling writer/performers Craddock and Cuckow explore young queer life, gay marriage and violence with jaw-dropping energy, imagination and utter ballsiness. Aaron Macri's beats are sophisticated and catchy, while the smart rhymes deliver every single time. Unabashedly political, proud and even moving, it's one of the strongest Fringe shows I've ever seen.”

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